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Girl camps 2024 - Surf and Yoga with Vahine

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Girl Camps 2024

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Girls camp

3449 kr

Friday - Sunday

Meals incl from Friday Dinner until and with Sunday breakfast

3 surf lessons
2 yoga sessions
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What to expect? and what is included?


2 hours

All our lessons time is 2 hours. You can expect a total duration of 2.5 hours in order to check in and get yourself ready. Please arrive 30 minutes before your lesson and check in at our COLD HAWAII BOARD SHOP at Ørhagevej 151 in Klitmøller.
All group classes:
-High quality instructing of Max 5 students per teacher!

…We Surf


pray for surf

Ideally, we will run all our surf classes in Klitmøller bay or reef. Depending on the weather conditions, we might change to another location in case of stormy weather. If there are no waves at all, we are teaching surf techniques on flat water which can be a great tool when you will meet the waves. You can also ask to join a Flat Water sup class instead.
…We Surf

Water Time

As Much!

Theory, safety instructions, warm up and beach preparations can take between 15-20 minutes. Therefore, participants in beginner and kids classes can expect to be in the water between 1-1.5 hour depends on the conditions. Getting tired? take a break.


…We Surf

Our facilities

Get Ready

Meet up and check in at our COLD HAWAII BOARD SHOP. Afterwards cross the road and enter our facility where you will meet our crew and fellow students, get changed and ready for surf!
Remember to bring changing clothes and towel.


…We Surf

“I started learning to surf last summer. Very aware that I need as much practice as possible, I registered for girls surf camp weekend… and it blew my mind off . The weekend was everything I could dream of and so much more.

We were challenged by the waves and wind, spoiled by amazing food and SPA grounded by yoga classes… and taken care off, guided and gently pushed by a wonderful teacher.

I went to Klitmøller expecting to get a bit of practice, some good pointers and guidance for surfing  I got weekend of pure self-spoiling, good talks, good laughs, and that “I see you” deep feeling.

Vahine as a teacher is observant both of our surfing skills (or lack of them ) and needed improvements and of our personalities, strengths and weaknesses. It’s amazing how she managed to “read” us with the first lesson.

Her love of the sea is contagious and she shares her knowledge of it with great patience and skill.

By the end of the weekend my muscles were sore from being thoroughly used and my cheeks were sore from smiling hard.

There are no words to express adequately how stronglyI recommend the Girls Surf Camp to anyone who’s willing to listen

Looking forward to this spring.”


”I started in Girls camp with Vahine in hope to learn surfing. Little did I know, that it would give me so much more. The joy and energy that flows from her is amazing and hitting through even the coldest hearts. Within one session I was able to look at my life from a higher perspective, which quickly put all the puzzle bricks together. Sometimes that is all it takes. She also helped me to get rid of tiredness and anxiety- I have so much more energy now and can manage so much more in my everyday life. I have to also mention, that the place and the views are mesmerizing and, while being on the water, I felt safe and comfortable all the way through. I highly recommend to try the therapy, if you also feel like the everyday life and society demands are slowly killing you”