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Located on the south-western tip of Europe, Portugal is blessed with sunshine and consistent swells  from the Atlantic Ocean throughout the year. The camp is situated in Ericeira, just 40 minutes north of Lisbon.      Ericeira is well known for good waves, cosy restaurants, bars and shops in a picturesque setting with cobbled streets and small white houses.

Yoga & Surf retreat Ericeira is based in a lovely surf camp, perfectly situated near beach Foz do  Lizandro.  Portugal surf camp Quinta Lizandro has a capacity of 94 people and a pool, a well-equipped outdoor  gym, a mini-ramp and a multicourt for your enjoyment.     The camp has comfortable dorm rooms, double rooms and a suite option, perfect for solo travellers,  groups of friends and couples respectively.     Featuring an on-site restaurant, endless ocean views, sundeck, chill-out areas and walking distance  to both the beach and the city centre, ​everything is set for a perfect holiday.


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Ericeira Portugal

Other activities

There is a wide selection of activity options in and around Ericeira.
In addition to the group trip to Sintra, each week we offer afternoon excursion to local vineyard
Quinta Sant’Ana and a SUP Safari which are both very popular.
Also, one of Portugal’s best skateparks are nearby and there’s loads of great roads for longboarding
accessible directly from the camp.
For other suggestions, please ask our staff and they’ll happily assist you.

Surf Camp Level 1

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Surf Camp Level 2

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Surf Camp Level 3

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Yoga and Surf retreat

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