CVR: 39267829
Ørhagevej 151, Klitmøller
7700 Thisted


Invoice Number 1441COM
Invoice Date 19th April 2022
Due Date 6th May 2022
Total Due DKK 8.013,46
Janina Schiesser
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Classic Package - Camp 3

Monday 16th - Sunday 22nd of May 2022, 7 Surf lessons. Surf gear available at all time.
Lesson plan: 16th - 20th at 11:00, 21st at 9:00 and 22nd at 11:00
6 nights stay in our camp house

DKK 4.999,000%DKK 4.999,00
1 Classic Package - Camp 1

Monday 23rd -Friday 27th of May 2022, 5 Surf lessons. Surf gear available at all time.
23rd - 27th at 11:00
4 nights stay in our camp house

DKK 3.399,000%DKK 3.399,00
1 Deduction for missing night.
DKK -250,000%DKK -250,00
1 Currency Exchange Difference DKK -134,540.00%DKK -134,54
Sub Total DKK 8.013,46
Vat DKK 1.602,69
Total Due DKK 8.013,46

Practical info about classic surf camp bookings
Please remember to bring your own bed sheets and towels.
Check in from 17:00.
Check in on Friday from 18:00.
Check out 10:00.
Check in/out is at Cold Hawaii Board Shop, Ørhagevej 151 Klitmøller.

Payment to our bank account in Sparekassen Thy
Regnr.: 9083 Kontonr.: 0004350030
IBAN: DK4590830004350030 SWIFT: STHYDK21
Mobilepay: 890877

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